We are currently attempting a few changes to our website in an effort to make it more 

minimalistic and mobile friendly!  

We have recently removed the interactive calendar as we noticed that this was not attracting 

a lot of traffic and the time it takes to set up was not justified.  We shall be keeping most of 

the content on the pages here but realise now that the Facebook Page has become so much 

more popular as people do like to socialise and of course get notifications!   

For a more detailed updated regular newsfeed you can search our Facebook page without having to be a member of Facebook yourself.  It is viewable to anyone.  

Please see the Facebook Link on this site for further information.  

Should you have any specific requirements or articles you would like to see on this web page, please do contact us by using the contact email form.  

Very many thanks for visiting our website and we hope to have it all up and running smoothly soon!