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Dory & Mark  - 27th October 2013 

“The friendliest place to be” 

In all the years that I have attended and helped with any spiritual centre, this little place has the most welcoming group of people that run the church.  They always make you feel welcome and you cannot help yourself but go back

Thank you everyone you are amazing.


Jean  -  12th April 2014 

Hello to all the lovely people there. I came with Ray last night and was told about your site. I have looked at it all and I think it is a wonderful site. I wish you all the best at all times.  I hope you are all well at the Beacon of Light. God Bless.

"If you see someone without a smile, give them one of yours :o)"  


Roy Jones   - 11th May 2014

What a great evening at The Beacon of Light Enfield with Jeff and Val.  Many thanks to everyone that came along.  Lovely evidence, lovely people and thank you to the committee that welcomes us. x  


Paul Woods - 26th May 2014

Had a nice night at the Beacon of Light Enfield…I always like going there.  Lovely place and lovely people.Thanks for having me –it’s always a pleasure working at the Church.

Ray Prendergast  June 2014

It is always a pleasure to work at The Beacon.  The Church Committee  and Congregation are always so nice to me.  I would like to say thank you to everyone who has supported me.

Karen Warner  November 2014

Wonderful Church, I love working there. Enjoyed working for spirit on 9th November –  the energy was amazing,  what was given to others and  the love was overwhelming to receive.    Thank you all for your support and very kind words on Sunday, which has lifted me, leaving me with such a boost. Keep up the amazing and devoted work with unconditional love Xx 


Daniella Golebiowska   December 2014

The Beacon of Light is an amazing church.  Very welcoming and friendly.  I love being there – its my sanctuary.  Thank you to everyone, I consider you all friends x Thank you Beacon of Light for a lovely carol service.  My family and I really enjoyed ourselves.  Merry Christmas to you all. 


Natalie Simpkin 8th January 2015   
Thank you so much for a wonderful evening and for making Dawn and I feel so welcome. You have a really wonderful church and tonight was an absolute pleasure for us.xx      
Dawn Staines 8th January 2015   
We so looking forward to serving Beacon Of Light Spiritualist Church Enfield again, thank you all for your kindness x  

Shelley Lamprell-Jospehs  15th February 2015 

I had a wonderful platform experience this evening at the The Beacon of Light Spiritualist Church Enfield,  the Spirit World and Congregation were absolutely amazing, I couldn’t have asked for more.  Thank you so much to all the committee, I love serving your church  —   “feeling blessed” –  at Beacon of Light Spiritualist Church Enfield.    As usual it was a really lovely evening at the Beacon and am always honoured to serve your church. You work so hard to keep the doors of your beautiful church open and to make sure everyone is welcome. You are all very very special people. (comments transferred from Facebook page)


Pammi Pasotti  26th April 2015

Thank you all for a very warm welcome.  There was a lovely energy tonight a pleasure to have served…x. 

Warren Bailey  9th August 2015

Thank you for such a lovely welcome.  It was nice to see a Church full of Spirit and people! Keep up all your hard work and I look forward to visiting again soon.


Roy Jones  22nd August 2015

Well what can I say - what a great night at Enfield Beacon of Light.  Fantastic evening of evidence and a lot of people came along.  Thank you to everyone, Jeff and Val.  Looks fantastic -  Church has had a refurb - it looks beautiful and relaxing. So many people there tonight.  What a lovely evening. The Church looks beautiful - it's very uplifting.  I would to say to anyone who would like to come along there - please go along - it's lovely. (comments transferred from Facebook page)

Jeff Phillips 22nd August 2015

Had a great time at the Beacon of Light Enfield.  Thanks all   for a great night working with Roy and Val -  a good crowd there. (comments transferred from Facebook page)


Daniella & Yvonne  22nd August 2015

Thank you so much for an enjoyable uplifting evening. The mediums were fantastic and I am loving the new bright refreshed Church. The President and Committee really make you feel welcome and relaxed. Truly is a beacon of light x


Well said. It was a amazing night. Very uplifting and I'm loving the new look amazing. Everyone is lovely there you always feel so welcome. Brilliant well done to all xx

(comments transferred from Facebook page)


Christine Lynam  3rd September 2015

Thank you  all so much for being made so welcome.  My team where amazing and it couldn't be done without everyone's caring support.  I felt very privileged to represent the Spirit World.  Love the new look and look forward to serving  your wonderful Church again. xxx (comments transferred from Facebook page)


Jonathan Whitaker  10th September 2015

What a pleasure it was to serve the Beacon tonight.  Great congregation and fantastic energy.  Always a delight to serve and very much look forward to my next visit.

Sharron Falcone  7th November 2015

I really enjoyed working with you all - beautiful energy  xx  Love your Church - feels so warm and friendly xx  What a lovely friendly Church.  God Bless  xxx