As we watch the petals on flowers and the leaves on trees flutter 

to the ground, we are reminded that all the cycles of nature are 

naturally reflected in our lives. Autumn is a time for releasing those 

things that have been a burden to us. It is the right time for us to 

practice ‘letting go’ and for allowing Spirit to take charge of our lives.


Autumn reminds us that nothing is permanent. We have watched the buds of new life appear in spring followed by the abundant flowering of summer. Now the autumn leaves fall, and bare branches again remind us of the brief nature of all things.  During autumn, we are more than aware that winter lies ahead, but as winter comes along, just as surely, it won’t be long until spring arrives again!


The cycle of nature, as in life, continues…


May the love of the Great Spirit shine bright within us all.


Autumn Newsletter Beacon of Light