Private Readings

Saturday 13th June 2020

Tickets available from Saturday 18th April 2019.
Tickets to be booked and purchased at the Beacon of Light

Church in Enfield.
No online purchases until the week before the event! 

This year we have a wonderful group of mediums again – a great opportunity for you to have a private reading for 20 minutes for just £10. We will also have this year a special aura light camera – again 20 minutes for £10.00. 

Every 20 minute slot must be booked and paid for before the day. If there are any spare tickets they will be sold on the day, however, If you have not booked then we are unlikely to be able to offer
you a reading! 

We hope again to have the privilege of Rodda’s clotted cream afternoon teas (£2) 

and a wonderful raffle too (£1)! 

The usual sales tables together with the
Second Hand Spiritual Book Stall. 

Going to be a great afternoon! — feeling excited.