Autumn Newsletter 

   Summer days and beautiful sunsets are now gradually drawing to a close, as we enter into our Autumn with perhaps a little regret that Summer has passed. It is a time for reflection, a time to look back to the joy and beauty that we have shared together.  Remember the good things, pleasant times with friends, the smiles and the laughter.  Also it is a time of appreciation and thanksgiving, not only for bounteous harvests, from the fields and orchards, but for all God’s gifts to us.  Gifts of knowledge, love and understanding, just to mention a few, but precious gifts that help us to know that life is eternal, and just as the trees and flowers will again
 bring forth life and beauty, next Spring, so shall
 we one day, in the Higher Life as we remember 
that  Life is eternal – we all go on forever. 
 May the Peace and Love of the Great Spirit be with us all. 






New Year Newsletter


Now that the golden colours of Autumn have passed by,we look ahead to Winter.  Winter is the time for good food and warmth, for the touch of a friendly hand and for talking beside the fire.   It is the time for home.  And as we travel on our spiritual pathway through life we think of our loved ones and friendships we have made throughout the year and those yet to come.  We are like a snowflake, all beautiful in our own way. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all and may the Light and Love of the Great Spirit shine bright within.   


May the peace and love of Spirit remain with us all.



Spring Newsletter







As we say goodbye to the dark evenings where the worst of the weather has past, and as the clocks move forward, we welcome the lighter evenings and the warmer months of spring.  The season of glorious colour, beauty and renewal bring with it the reassurance of brighter times ahead.

Mother earth ensures that the beauty of nature continues its cycle, with an abundance of growth and new life.  

As the days are warmer, let also the warmth of love and friendship, which is always present at the Beacon provide us with a constant source of upliftment.

May the peace and love of Spirit be with us all.