The Beacon of Light always welcome new visitors to the Church.  As you become a regular attendee, and the committee and other full members of the church feel it appropriate; you may then be invited to become a member of the Beacon.

You would be given an invitation form to complete and we would ask you to pay your subs of £12 (from 2020) and £6 for Senior Citizens.  

The first six months of your membership would be accepted as Provisional Membership (Associate Member). You would be asked to complete an Introduction to Spiritualism Course and enrol as a Full Church Member. Until you have completed this you will remain as a Associate Member only.  Full Membership is not granted until the course is completed, and you have signed the Church Roll Book.

All subscriptions should be paid directly to the Members Secretary or another member of the Church Committee. Once you become a Full Member of the Church you are automatically then an Affiliate Member of the SNU.

Individual Membership of the SNU is dealt with by the East London District Council and again you would have to complete a short Introduction Course and perhaps a very short telephone interview with the Local Council’s Membership Secretary. Individual Membership of the SNU is currently set at £26. per annum.

Become an Individual SNU member  

Renewal Link for SNU Individual Members: 


Beacon Church ‘rules’ regarding subscriptions.

All subscriptions due for Membership Renewals must be before the end of February in the current year. Funds must come directly from the member and a dated receipt should be obtained. No proxy payments are accepted.

As a full member of the Beacon your subscription is accepted as an SNU Affiliated Member which then has to be paid by the Church, to the SNU, which is currently set at £5. per Full Member; whether Senior Citizen or Honorary Member.   These payments are shown on our end of year financial report as Affiliation Fees

It is your responsibility to ensure that your membership subscription is paid on time each year.  We do not send out reminder letters. However, we do mention the renewals of membership are due at every meeting until the end of February, and there is always a notice on our notice boards. If you are a regular attendee committed to the Church as a Member, then you would have the opportunity of obtaining these reminders.

The Church Committee look forward to working with you all, thank you for your support and thank you for being a member of The Beacon of Light SC Enfield.

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