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The incoming energies are extremely intense during this New Moon, causing profound energetic recalibration and extreme internal and external shifts.

Many of us feel as though we have quantum leaped into a fragile alternative dimension and we are now becoming aware that the world as we once knew it has been left behind. A distinctly different paradigm has emerged and a new world is preparing to open.

Collectively we are in the midst of an existential crisis on a level most of us could not have predicted or preconceived. We might be struggling to recognise our surroundings, where nothing is as it once seemed and where the world no longer feels familiar and safe.

Overwhelming and debilitating emotions may be waking us through the night, and when we open our eyes it can be extremely difficult to separate reality from the dreamworld.

This is the twilight zone that we are all sharing and it is full of unanswerable “what if”, “why”, “who” and “when”. A stage of our lives where everything irrevocably and rapidly changes with every moment and our guard is constantly raised, as life-transforming news floods in.

No one knows what the future, or even the day, will bring. We have to just keep moving forward, banded together, knowing that accumulatively we have everything we need to make it through.

This New Moon is in Aries, the Sun is in Aries and Chiron, the Wounded Healer, is also in Aries. While this will bring to the surface some of our deepest wounds, it will also bring us waves of optimism and warrior strength to help us overcome our innermost fears, heal and ultimately to accelerate our evolution.

Carl Jung coined the term “wounded healer” to describe someone who has healed a significant karmic wound and has gathered knowledge from past painful encounters to use what they learned to assist with the healing of others.

This means we will be seeing an emergence of healers and lightworkers turning their healed wounds into much-needed wisdom that helps guide, protect and carry other wounded souls through these turbulent times.

Chiron’s energy encourages us to recognise where we have inflicted wounds in others. It asks us to be kinder, tender, understanding, forgiving, caring and to express empathy, love and compassion, so that all emotional pain is heard and healed. It pushes us to reach out, whether we are the ones hurting, whether we have hurt others or whether we are the ones helping others to heal. It compels us to let people know we are thinking of them, that we care and that we appreciate those who also show care.

On January 12th I wrote about the rare, potent, foundation-shaking Saturn-Pluto alignment, explaining how it would trigger a magnificent collective shift and that it would bring on the greatest transformation we will witness in our lifetime. I described the life-altering effects it would have and how collectively our entire planet was about to experience major and sudden change, which would close the previous 38-year cycle and kickstart a new 34-year cycle and new age.

An excerpt from my post describes the affect that the Saturn and Pluto combined cosmic energies can have on us all, and this is energy is expected to last for the duration of the year.

“We will all start to notice that both internal and external transformations are occurring on a huge level, as outdated beliefs, past conditioning, old patterns and oppressive and limiting structures disintegrate and fall apart.

The transition is not going to be easy, it is here to awaken us and remove us from our comfort zone so that we alter harmful ways and find more appreciation for our existence. We may try to fight aspects of it, throw tantrums, release tears and raise white flags with reluctance. However, as the days pass we will heal, restructure, regroup and realise how imperative the skin-shedding was for the evolution of our soul’s journey and expansion.

We are about to go through a major personal transformation and as the months pass we will be releasing our hold on anything harmful and creating space for much more healthy, fulfilling, balanced and harmonious encounters….. Overall, this is going to be one of the most transformational and life-altering phases we will go through.”

The Saturn and Pluto combination brought about a dramatic shift that has set the tone for the rest of the year, and it has already stripped away delusions and opened us up to the reality of the world we live in.

It compels us to recognise imbalances within our society and where there is lack or abundance – before we witness a dramatic levelling up.

These energies test our resilience and patience and they ask us to have courage and faith as we navigate painful and turbulent times, particularly related to the loss of our sense of permanence.

Saturn can feel heavy, persistent and it can be relentlessly disciplined, with restrictions and limitations being put in place. As paradigms and structures collapse around us Pluto forces us to rise like a phoenix from the ashes.

It is no coincidence that we are experiencing the most dramatic personal and societal transformations during this time, particularly concerning the deconstruction and reconstruction of power, regulation, finances and the authority of ruling parties. Overall, this brings challenges related to our priorities and values and forces us to rebalance – in particular with our relationship to money.

Saturn will be retrograde from May until the end of September, and during this time we will see significant shifts that bring radical change and progression.

Saturn-Pluto conjunct is known for transformational events, with the 1982 alignment delivering mass-scale recession along with the first case of the AIDS virus. For the past few years astrologers have been predicting that 2020 will be a year for pandemics and global recession, and from an astrological perspective we can expect disruption for a year, possibly two, but we will regroup, recover, heal together and start over.

These energies are known for bringing apocalypse type fears, extremities, distortion, deconstruction, redistribution of power and a general sense of doom. However, we can alter our mindset through having faith that when we collectively pull together we have the ability to pass through this period like mankind has done through similar historic pandemics – albeit a little slowly and with major challenges and suffering involved.

This is why it is vital that entire societies come together and look out for one another – this is not a time for judgements, criticisms, divisions or disconnections, regardless how infuriating aspects of this period may be.

There is still a lot of optimism coming this year as Jupiter and Pluto Conjunct three times – April 4/5th, June 30th and November 12th. Each one bringing with it new opportunities and possibilities, growth, renewed strength, problem solving, expansion and a major turn of events – so expect good news, improvements, collective progress and a positive twist in direction on each of these dates. These conjunctions signify that vital lessons have been learned and will be catalysts for transcending what previously seemed impossible, so be prepared for rapid and positive forward motion.

Jupiter and Pluto alignments are transformational times when old outdated structures crumble and when new and more balanced timelines begin. They are purging and detoxing periods where harmful institutes and systems deconstruct.

The most positive astrological event of the year is the once-in-a-generation Jupiter-Saturn Great Conjunction on the solstice, December 21, 2020 in Aquarius – the element Air. This marks the end of a difficult year, bringing with it stability and signifying a major breakthrough, the beginning of a brand new era and a breath of healthy fresh air.

This will be the closest Jupiter-Saturn conjunction since 1623 and without doubt it will propel a new momentous cycle that will see immense growth and security after a period of stillness and instability. This energy will be warmly welcomed after such a tumultuous and challenging year.

It is imperative that we unite and form tight energetic bonds worldwide to help us all through this tumultuous phase. We must open our hearts wider than ever before and have compassion both for ourselves and those around us, as we all struggle to attune to this new and exceedingly unfamiliar world.

There will be loss, there will be grief, there will be denial and there will be disbelief.

But there will also be mass resurrection.

There will be a sense of feeling wildly out of control.

But the truth is – there never really was control.

Despite how awakened and enlightened we may have believed ourselves to be, we have always been grasping to illusions, never wholly perceiving that there is something bigger and far greater out there that we will never fully comprehend.

Humans are always battling to figure everything out – when sometimes it is entirely impossible – our planet has it’s own unique life force and everything that exists on it has it’s own complex blueprint.

We will never be able to work out all of the reasoning and meaning behind every single thing that occurs, so our energy is far better spent focusing on creating a new healthier, balanced and far more harmonious existence.

Sometimes the most productive and peaceful option we can choose is to flow with these ever changing energies, while remaining alert and prepared to alter direction with little notice.

Life is not meant to be dissected, hurried or forced. Lean into this frequency and trust in the entire process.

I have heard people say they feel Mother Nature is tired, that she is burnt out and angry. Despite the current trauma, I am not feeling that.

I feel that she is fired up and charged and requires us to change – but she is holding space for us all as we enter into silence, surrender and solitude, so she can reboot, rebalance and recalibrate her energy in order to keep humanity and all creatures as healthy as possible.

There is no doubt our planet is resetting. There is an indefinable energy in the air – something different in the clouds and in the water. The whole environment feels different, almost overnight. Birds are louder than ever before, we are noticing wildlife returning and our senses are responding to the subtle vibrational changes.

Our journey was never guaranteed to be easy. It will always churn out plot twists, obstacles and painful turbulence. However, that is the divine reason we exist on this planet—to show the universe that we are united and in this together. Despite hardships or life knocking us down, we refuse to allow derailments to throw us off course or for turmoil to permanently lower our frequency.

Whatever changes are required, we can do this. We have everything we need within us to rise and overcome any situation. We can and we will cope – both alone and together.

When panic and anxieties start to creep in, we can remind ourselves how human we all are, how interconnected we all are, how resilient we all are, how strong we all are and how dependent on one another we are – despite what we might have once thought.

Rest, rethink and reprioritise. Certain material things or systems that we once thought we couldn’t live without may be painfully and suddenly eliminated and there will be chaotic days, but they will be replaced with new and healthier realities.

We absolutely must work together to balance out any destruction with an abundance of new creation. Set highly optimistic and positive intentions. Life will feel secure and beautiful again, someday very soon – I feel and believe this with every fibre of my being.

This is a defining time in our history where a before virus and after virus line is currently being drawn out. And there is no doubt that we will emerge from this forever altered. But we will rebuild, we will reconstruct and we will feel more connected to one another, to nature, to all life, and to our planet than ever before.

Unfortunately no one can predict exactly when this challenging and painful phase will be over, but intuitively and astrologically I feel that from September we will be over the most challenging aspects and from December onward we will see the new world shining through.

When time has passed we will look back on all that we survived, how we supported one another and how dramatically we evolved as a society – we will feel a mixture of gratitude and grief and we will feel so proud that together we made it through.

A virus is energy. Everything in our universe is energy. We will soon find ways to overcome it and harmoniously co-exist with it.

In the meantime:

Try to eliminate irrational fear, as it lowers the immune system.

Remind yourself that you are safe and protected and that this threat will soon pass.

Be prepared to step into a new reality and try not to fear the unknown.

Keep moving forward.

Find joy in simplicity.

Look for the blessings – there is magic within darkness.

Send out love and healing vibrations to our entire planet.

Reach out if you need help, there are many waiting and willing to respond, and tell your loved ones how much they mean to you.

Pray for those suffering, for our future world and for your future self.

We are in the midst of a tremendous revolution.

This is confirmation that things are going to be okay – you are going to be okay.

Everything is in the process of working its way out.

The majority of us are experiencing internal and external battles.

Stay kind. Especially to yourself.

I wish you emotional, mental & spiritual peace, health & wellness.

Repost from Alex Myles