Gods will, will be done!

22.00 hrs 23 March 2020.


Not really quite sure how to share this but will give it a try.

Don’t usually share something so personal but being ’

promoted’ to! Only those of you who have a Spiritual

understanding will appreciate…Today, facing my fear; I

attended hospital for a minor procedure under general

anesthetiser. I really hoped it would be cancelled due to the

current situation as didn’t want to subject myself and others

to the outbreak! However; it’s was strongly recommended

that I still attend. Immediate fear engulfed me but within a

few hours I knew it would all be ok. I felt calm .. only a little

apprehensive. I prayed and handed it over. The whole

experience was weird… having had many GA’s before I knew

what to expect. I was only under for about 30 mins or so but

rather than it feeling like literally seconds (as it had

previously) it felt like months, even years. I had travelled

forward.. don’t know how far… I was with spirit definitely and

I was being shown how everything will be. But not in detail, –

in essence! Beautifully calm and tranquil, best described as

the calm after the storm. All will be well. I felt so much love

and guidance, in fact when being brought round in recovery I

didn’t want to come back!!! This has made me feel a

tremendous love and trust for Spirit that I’ve not felt before. I

know we are all being protected through this amazing shift of

energies. Some will react badly to the situation and suffer the

anxiety… but it is a lesson for them.. they have to go within,

pray and find peace! Know all WILL be well. Gods will, will be

done . Love you all, and yes … hubby being an absolute star!

Doc Bryan!! x