Once again, we reach the final quarter of the year.  

There are many moods and meanings to 

the season of winter. The weather and the darkness affect our feelings. 

The rhythm of our life changes and we spend more time inside 

keeping warm and not engaging with our friends and neighbours as 

much as we did in the ‘lighter’ months. As we look back on late summer and autumn, perhaps with a little regret that they have passed, we 

know that we should always be looking forward, with hope for better 

things to come.  The festive season is a time for friends and family 

but can also be a time of isolation and loneliness for some.  Reach out 

to your neighbours who may be lonely at this time, a simple smile 

or enquiry of health and wellbeing can make such a difference.


The Beacon of Light will always offer a sanctuary of warmth and welcome.


May the Peace and Love of God be with us all.


Winter Newsletter

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